Studio Showreel 2022


Film and photography studios based near Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Featuring high-spec equipment and surrounded by Mother Nature herself, our studios offer a source of great inspiration for your next project.

Private, comfortable space for your upcoming production. Ready to get your creative brilliance flowing? Discover what features and amenities to expect before planning your visit to Inmotion Studios.

Indoor Studio

Our indoor studio is the go-to destination for clients looking to produce prime content (while still enjoying the natural inspiration of the surrounding outside world).

Download studio plan

floor space

16m x 25m

usable area



ceiling system with 16 hoists


5m x 4,5m

Daylight Studio

Emulate the great outdoors with our daylight studio. Filtering through plenty of natural light, it is the ideal production space.

Download studio plan

floor space

15m x 15m x 4,3m

lighting pit between floor and wall

0,7m x 0,7m




Our studios offer much more than the name would imply. Make the most of your booking with a production office, pool and BBQ area, and make-up and styling rooms.


Sourcing equipment for an upcoming production can be difficult, which is why we do it for you.
We are able to support your production with an extensive inventory of the latest camera, lighting, and production gear.


From the location to permissions, logistics to equipment and props - let our team help organise everything.


Our in-house equipment
download list


Producing content may be your passion, but it can still become tiresome. Treat yourself to a break and replenish your energy levels with our 100% organic, delicious, homemade food!


Leave all your post-production needs to us! We have a professional edit room, audio studio, and even a grading cinema.


Camera Cars

↗ Grizzly Shotmaker

Set Building

↗ Grizzly Filmbau

Virtual Production

↗ Penzing Studios

Camera Lenses

↗ Superglas


Let nature inspire your work.

Inmotion Studios is a client favourite for everything related to film and photography production. Our studios, near Munich, Bavaria, Germany offers a tranquil space for clients to immerse themselves in nature and create something they’re proud to call their own. The result: incredible content that audiences can’t help but love.


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